Areas of Practice

Civil Law - Litigation

We represent clients in all law suites relating to the DE Law Office areas of competence before the Italian judicial authorities or in the alternative dispute resolution procedures (mediation, assisted negotiation and arbitration), in connection, if necessary, with a consolidated network of complementary and corresponding professionals .

The significant judicial experience, the knowledge of the law rules and of the trial timing allows us to guide customers in the most appropriate choices to achieve the best possible result, balancing costs, benefits and future obligations.


We assist our customers in actions for damages or liability for contractual or extra-contractual civil liability from unlawful acts, including professional and medical matters, or for damages resulting from road accidents and transport, including as plaintiff in the related penal trials.

We take care of the recovery of our customers credits, companies and natural persons, at first analyzing the concrete possibilities to obtain the payment and suggesting the appropriate actions in case of debtors insolvency.

Labor Law

We have deep experience assisting bank employees and tax collectors in law suites against credit institutions and collection agencies to obtain the right contractual framework, the salary payiment, or about disciplinary measures and dismissals.

More generally, we provide advice and assistance to self-employed, employees and companies in labor matters, including those relating to agency relationships and commercial representation, both in the preliminary and judicial phase and before the Territorial Labor Inspectors.

Real Estate in Umbria

We have long experience assisting Italian and foreign clients in purchasing, saling or leasing  farmhouses and cottages in Umbria, helping them since the stages of the agreements to the notary deed of sale.

We provide advice and assistance in managing real estate assets or financial assets, restructuring contracts and in out-of-court or judicial low suites about leasing and selling contracts, also dealing with breach of contract or eviction procedures.

People, Family, Successions

We assist clients finding adequate means of protection for people and their personal and family assets, including in the context of marital separation and divorce proceedings, hopefully seeking, where possible, the choice of consensual procedures.

We provide advice on inheritance and division of inherited assets legal issues, assisting customers in related judicial disputes.

Failure Law and Debt Restructuring

We assist our clients in applications for admission to the state of the Bank and in opposition to insolvency proceedings, as well as - both on the active and passive side - in the judgments promoted by the proceduresjudicial bodies concerning revocatory actions, compensation for directors, shareholders and mayors.

As trustees of against-usury organizations , we also assist in the definition of settlement agreements, repayment plans and debt restructuring negotiations with creditors, credit institutions and financial intermediaries, as well as in actions to protect those involved in the company crisis.

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